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Epi Enhance

Indications: Sensitive, blemishes

Strengthens the weakened epidermal structure of the skin. It can restore the trans epidermal water loss building a protection against any factors that may destroy its moisture. It has powerful brightening, desensitizing and nourishing effects.

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Fibroᵌ Peptides Program

Indications: Dilated pores and blemishes

Restructures your collagen, fibroblast, elastin and skin cellular matrix through the high level of peptides. They build a healthy skin foundation through a treatment of 6 sessions.

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Fibroᵌ with Miracle Cocktail

Indications: Expression lines, Sensitive and dilated pores

Is a combination of collagen rejuvenation and specific problem-solving treatment. It treats the skin by restructuring the basal layer for a denser and stronger collagen, to prevent it from degeneration. The same time, it tackles the skin problems with the specific cocktail.

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Filler No.8

Indications: Expression lines

An amazing serum packed with a high concentration of Acetyl Hexapeptides-8 which has been clinically proven to inhibits muscular contraction to reduce the appearance of existing wrinkles and firming and lifting the skin for a luxurious and smooth complexion. It significantly reduces the appearance of deep expression wrinkles and prevents the development of new wrinkles. Ideal for skin with fine lines around the eye area, frown line and Crow’s feet. It can also lighten the expression lines on the forehead and deep nasolabial folds.

Pre & Post

Half Fibroᵌ with Collagen Induction Therapy

Indications: Acne marks and scars

Gives a dual impact to the skin. It works in reproducing the collagen, increasing its density, giving the skin a firmer and lifting results. The skin becomes stronger and more resistance to external aggression.

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L-Amino Multiples

Indications: Hyperpigmentation, Age-spots, Spots and pigment

A 3-step procedure for pigmentation conditions. It has strong anti-oxidant and anti-melanogenic activity thus reducing the existing pigmentation, lightening post acne marks and brightening dull and tired skin.

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Soothing Complex

Indications: Sensitive skin, Dehydrated skin, Skin that needs calming and soothing effects

A soothing complex filled with Vitamin B, C and peptides to reinforce skin defenses and accelerate the healing process. It reduces sensitive skin, calms and soothe irritated skin, restores moisture and softens the skin to improve the skin texture. Ideal for skin prone to redness, irritation, dehydrated and congested inflamed skin caused by acne.

Pre & Post


Indications: Fine lines & wrinkles

Stimulates the production of collagen and reduces the aging signs Atony on face and body for long lasting effect