Probio Balance

The high level of probiotic active Bifida Ferment Lysate protects and balances the skin barrier, fighting against skin roughness and dryness. Bifida Ferment Lysate is also known to strengthen the skin immune system, soothing skin inflammation and reducing skin sensitivity.

Directions for use:
Apply an appropriate amount and spread evenly over the face.

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 This new cream has solved my skin sensitivity and dryness problem. Now my skin looks fairer and smoother than before. 
 The texture of PB cream is lightweight and quickly absorbed after being applied. It has certainly eased my dehydrated and flaking skin.  
Christina Tan
 After using the Probio Balance cream, my skin is much more moisturized and the feeling of skin tightness is gone. 
 SC and PB cream really works well on my face. No signs of redness and irritation. My skin complexion is much smoother and naturally refreshed.