Research and Development of Penta Peptides

Five novel peptides aimed to facilitate the body’s natural wound healing process.

Peptides accelerate and orchestrate wound healing by facilitating endothelial cell migration and proliferation in chronic and acute wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers and venous ulcers.

SKINORIGIN Penta Peptides is a chain of five amino acids that works at the cellular level and transforms skin with less abrasiveness.


The peptides posses unique characteristics, they are small active molecules capable of mimicking a specific role to heal the skin through naturally occurring proteins.

It diminishes skin sensitivity and allergic reaction. The amino acids and peptides bonds used to create penta peptides are 100% naturally produced. They are the building blocks of all the proteins produced daily in the body.

Because peptides are small versions of naturally occurring proteins, they will not create any allergic or sensitivity reaction.

The molecules are capable of delivering cell metabolism, differentiation and growth. They stimulate different functions including enzyme production and cellular proliferation.

Promotes the skin physiological responses such as increasing collagen production, of controlling acne and reducing pigmentation.

Intensive Lightening Effect

Penta peptides inhabit tyrosinase, thus regulating skin pigmentation and spots. It also fade the appearance of dark areas by degrading existing Eumelanin, and produce Pheomelanin (T3) that returns skin to its natural colour tone.

Activation of Collagen synthesis by the fibroblast cell

It has the unique ability to stimulate collagen production, promoting firmer contours and improving elasticity of the skin allowing the skin to regain lost vitality and slow the onset of aging.

Increases moisture retention of the skin

It has the ability to restore and bind skin moisture; by transporting active ingredients into the cellular level so as to activate and strengthen the natural functions of the skin.

Elevate cell penetrating activity

It stimulates cell penetrating activities thus allowing active ingredients to carry out its properties.

Increase the binding of vitamins

It has the ability in binding of vitamins, which stimulate the skin’s own regeneration process, improves the skin’s own defenses against environmental strains and acts as a free radical scavenger.

Aids in DNA repair

It encourages the skin’s DNA repair mechanism to self correct. It aids in rejuvenation immunity enhancing, and tissue-supporting development to promote cellular regeneration.