Wish it was this easy? Perhaps it wasn’t that difficult.

We all want that flawless skin with eternal youth, and no matter how certain you are that laugh lines indicate a life well-lived, it’s difficult to say the same about those unsightly brown patches on your face, pigmentation. Many things can contribute to pigmentation such as sun exposure (UV rays), hormonal fluctuations, medical drugs, pregnancy, skin aging, or the incorrect use of skincare products.

Even with some precautions, Skin pigmentation may still appear! That is because pigmentation does not happen overnight. Our body’s natural skin pigment, Melanin, will be produced through time which will, in turn, lead to skin pigmentation as well!

With that said it is very difficult to avoid skin pigmentation completely. On top of religiously applying sunscreen every day and avoiding direct sunlight to your skin, a skincare routine plays a part as well! With the breakthrough of innovation, SkinOrigin has introduced the Chromo Peptides Complex (CPC) to help you counter these problems! CPC is a revolutionary skin lightening complex that brightens your skin by inhibiting the melanin formation. Upon application of CPC, the peptides complex will bind a-MSH to inhibit its activity and affect the following signal pathway. Subsequently, this will lead to the downregulation of Tyrosinase and ultimately inhibit the biosynthesis pathway primarily responsible for the pigmentation.

Our SkinOrigin Anti-Pigmentation Duo, Melanostatin and Unitone uses the CPC formulation to help you brighten up your skin! The Melanostatin has a strong anti-oxidant effect with is main active ingredient acting as a Tyrosinase inhibitor to prevent hyperpigmentation and age spots. While Unitone one-of-a-kind anti-pigmentation treatment that works to stabilise skin pigmentation. The pigmentation will fade over time and reoccurrence will be minimised. These two products work in synergy to help you prevent as well as lighten your skin’s pigmentation in a high speed! Head to your nearest SkinOrigin exclusive salon and don’t slack on your skincare regime!

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