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Musculoskeletal Disorder

Musculoskeletal Disorders are injuries or disorder of muscles, nerves and tissues which is a common problem faced by many Singaporeans.

*A study conducted by the Singapore General Hospital (SGH), a member of the SingHealth group, found that 73.4% of the respondents reported experience pain in at least one body part. The more common ones are the neck, shoulder and lower back.

What can cause Musculoskeletal Disorder?

There are many factors which can contribute to Musculoskeletal Disorder:
1. Daily lifestyle habits
2. Bad posture
3. Prolonged static or awkward postures
4. Rapid motion
5. Stress
6. Frequent or heavy lifting
7. Repetitive exertions
8. Inadequate sleep and rest
9. Tucking the phone
10. Degeneration of muscles and tissues

Many of which are from our daily activities. This might cause a strain to our physical body in a long run.


To counter this problem, SkinOrigin has incorporate an advanced solution with Zoner – introducing “Zoner Neck & Upper Back Treatment”. This needle-free treatment uses Radiolift technology which stimulates the production of collagen that can strengthens your back muscle with a long-lasting effect. It can also effectively helps to relieve neck tension, muscle tightness and trigger points. Eventually restores normal healing and regeneration process to help spark recovery in multiple facets of physiology.

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