Collagen Induction Therapy

This non-invasive treatment works at the Epidermis and the Dermis layer of the skin. A slight micro-injuries is created to stimulate the body’s natural wound healing processes, resulting in cell turnover and increased collagen and elastin production. Results are promising for those with post acne scars, dilated pores, rough textures and wrinkled skin.

A specific cocktail and dosage will be administered according to the skin problem to enhance the treatment effect. A visible result can be experienced in a few treatments. An aftercare treatment is needed to be observed to prevent any side effects to the skin.

Effects of Collagen Induction Therapy:
• Skin tightening, lifting, rejuvenation
• Treats acne scars and wound healing
• Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
• Minimizes pores
• Lightens stretch mark
• Treats alopecia