SKINORIGIN Penta Peptides is a chain of five amino acids that works at the cellular level and transforms skin with less abrasiveness.




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The Importance of a Strong and Healthy Skin Structure

Skin plays an important role not only in improving a person’s appearance but also in protecting and enhancing one’s health.  Healthy skin goes hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle Your skin is an organ, much like your heart and kidneys, is the protective covering of the body and is...

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The Effects of Free Radical

What are Free Radical? Free radicals are defined as atoms that are unstable.  If the outer shell of an atom is missing an electron it will try to steal one by bonding with another atom. Oxidative stress is a process where oxygen molecules split into atoms with missing electrons that...

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Peptides in Skincare

What are Peptides? Peptides have become a byword for anti-aging skincare products.  So what are peptides, how do they work and why are we paying so much for them in our skincare. Amino acids are organic compounds that help form proteins.  Amino acids are made up of the elements carbon,...

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Activation of Collagen synthesis by the fibroblast cell

It has the unique ability to stimulate collagen production, promoting firmer contours and improving elasticity of the skin allowing the skin to regain lost vitality and slow the onset of aging.